I am Frank Staropoli.new 029

This website is a portal to the past and present of my life and work.

My present life:  Although I’m officially retired, my retirement was certainly not due to boredom or exhaustion!  I have the privilege of freedom to choose where I wish to focus my energy.  Now that energy is directed toward working with leaders on issues of race and racism in the workplace.  This section includes resources for business leaders looking to navigate the swift-running currents of diversity and inclusion.

My past life:  The “Archived” portion of this site relates to my previous focus as a leadership coach and a consultant to family-owned businesses.  This section includes a number of articles on matters of interest to organizational leaders.  You are welcome to browse and to borrow!  I am no longer active in this work, but I refer you with confidence to people who have an extensive background in these fields:

John Engels:  Leadership Coaching, Inc.  https://www.leadershipcoachinginc.com

Nessa Kiely:  The Kiely Company, LLC  http://www.thekielycompany.com

Barbara Osterman:  Human Solutions, LLC  http://www.humansolutionsllc.com

James Ramerman:  Ramerman Leadership Group  http://ramermangroup.com


Frank has a gift which is very rare: He is able to help other entrepreneurs sort out their innermost feelings about their business as it connects to their very soul.  I have found Frank’s non-anxious, reflective manner to help me bring forth revelations about myself that have led to new heights of performance and achievement.”

Mary Frances Winters, President, The Winters Group


I truly enjoy my working relationship with Frank, not only for what we accomplish in any given meeting but the value I have derived from working with him over time.  It’s his approach that I appreciate most: his continued insight and creativity on how to help me improve as a leader, and his help to our management team to better serve our company.”

Steven von Berg, President, Synergy, Inc.